Baby Boobies

Michelle Pfeiffer is forty eight years old. She’s probably hit (went past??) menopause, and is in that stage in every woman’s life when she starts to wake up to crow’s feet and wrinkles, then decides to go back to bed. A strand of gray hair would make her want to never wake up again. This holds true for a lot of women, and I believe it happens more often to those Hollywood stars who have made a living out of the way they look. With Michelle Pfeiffer, I expected everything another Janice Dickenson episode – weekly botox, boob jobs galore, rhinoplasty, and basically every kind of surgery to have the appearance of someone two decades younger

I was delightfully surprised to hear that Michelle, one of my favorite Hollywood actresses, has never had anything done. Ever. Everything about her is as real as a newborn baby’s body, and she is actually proud to have that small breasted body that she’s had for almost half a century. Pfeiffer admits that she’s had countless offers from plastic surgeons since the beginning of her career, but always gave a polite “no”. In fact, when a woman approached her in the street quite recently and literally thanked her for having small breasts, she was ecstatic. It makes her feel really good that her natural beauty is accepted and applauded by her fans. She loves her “imperfect” body, and wants to keep things natural by staying fit and firm with yoga classes and working out. I love her so much more now!

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